Natasha Shaloshvili is a professional illustrator.

Natasha received Master degree in Architecture, but found herself in illustration. She loves fashion addictively. Her style is emotional and dynamic, and viewers appreciate it a lot.

She has a lot of experience in advertising, print, editorial. You can find her works in fashion magazines, on corporate websites, outdoor ads, clothing prints.

Among Natasha's clients:
• Avon Ukraine
• Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend
• Gala Magazine France
• Dreambox Studio
• Grazia Magazine
• Women's Health Magazine
• Facecontrol Magazine
• Centrum Store

Her works are represented by several illustration agencies:
• Astound (USA)
• Art. Lebedev Studio (Russia)
• Dmytro Babych Studio (Ukraine)
• Drawetc (Czech)
In December 2012 she hosted an exhibition in her native city, which gained a lot of attention.

Natasha lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia and currently works as a freelance illustrator.
Feel free to contact.
Natasha Shaloshvili
skype: natasha_shaloshvili
+7 978 756-78-42
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